Big Boi - Be Still (feat. Janelle Monae) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus: Janelle Monáe]
, Be still young heart
, Never will you fall apart
, Be still young heart
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Big Boi - Be Still (feat. Janelle Monae) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus: Janelle Monáe]
ZH: [合唱: 珍妮 Monáe]

EN: Be still young heart
ZH: 仍然年轻的心

EN: Never will you fall apart
ZH: 你永远不会崩溃

EN: Be still young heart
ZH: 仍然年轻的心

EN: Never will you fall apart
ZH: 你永远不会崩溃

EN: Be wise my dear you must, learn to just be still
ZH: 明智的做法我亲爱的你必须学的只是不动

EN: Until you really really know
ZH: 直到你真的真的知道

EN: Show me you’re right, shine your light
ZH: 给我看看你说得对,你的光芒

EN: I wonder when will I know
ZH: 我不知道我何时能知道

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: To hell if I don’t pray
ZH: 如果我不祈祷下地狱

EN: Like a mannequin in the window I don’t say
ZH: 像在窗口中的模特儿身上别说

EN: a, word – I like to sit back, observe
ZH: a、 用词 — — 我喜欢坐在那里,观察

EN: My heart says do not disturb, and yours
ZH: 我的心说请勿打扰,和你的

EN: is like a doorknob, everybody get a turn (yeah)
ZH: 是像一个门把手,每个人都得到了 (yes)

EN: Now that’s a turnoff, girl, I’m not concerned
ZH: 现在是一个岔道,女孩,我不关心

EN: More like the early bird tryin to get the worm worm
ZH: 更像早起的鸟儿心去蜗杆蜗轮

EN: But not on those terms, you got on my nerves
ZH: 但不是在这些条款,你对我的神经

EN: Say I don’t deserve you, you’re gonna learn
ZH: 说我配不上你,你要学习

EN: Treat it like a perm, leave it be or let it burn (burn)
ZH: 烫发像对待它,离开它或让它烧伤 (烧伤)

EN: Eat ‘em like an urr-ange, orange
ZH: 他们吃吱-昂热,橙色

EN: So when they on the verge of leavin it don’t get borin
ZH: 所以,当他们濒临的震荡就不会默默无闻

EN: Foreign trips are taken
ZH: 采取外国旅行

EN: just to see your smiley faces, time’s a-wastin
ZH: 只是要看看你的笑脸,时间的一 wastin

EN: And I don’t like to waste no time
ZH: 我不喜欢,不浪费时间

EN: You can be down or.. yeah
ZH: 你可以向下或...是

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Janelle Monáe]
ZH: [珍妮 Monáe]

EN: I love bein in love (bein in love)
ZH: 我爱醉爱 (醉)

EN: Then you let me down, turned my heart around
ZH: 然后你让我失望,转身我的心

EN: Givin up on love, makes my ocean drown
ZH: 退化着的爱,使我的心海淹死

EN: You lived in my heart
ZH: 你住在我的心

EN: Secret melodies haunt me at night
ZH: 秘密的旋律萦绕我在晚上

EN: Maybe lies and lullabies
ZH: 也许谎言和摇篮曲

EN: This is my last farewell
ZH: 这是我最后的告别

EN: You let me down
ZH: 你让我失望

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: Yeah… [*Janelle harmonizing in background*]
ZH: 是......[* 珍妮在背景 * 统一]

EN: From behind the Cadillac do’…
ZH: 从凯迪拉克做 '......

EN: Grip this wood, slide around real slow…
ZH: 抓住这种木材,滑动的真的很慢......

EN: Just thinkin, mind blown
ZH: 只在想震撼

EN: As I glare through the smoke tinted windows…
ZH: 当我透过烟雾有色玻璃窗户眩光......

EN: And be still
ZH: 不动

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]