Big Bad 40 - Damn (feat. Ray J) (2010)

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Big Bad 40 - Damn (feat. Ray J) lyrics

You got a g like damn
She already know who I am
Girl you know that I can
Put you in the mood so you move your body real slow to the beat like damn
Go up & down like damn
Then drop it to the floor like damn
Do it real slow oh you incewdiable you got a g like damn

Goin jerk for me one time while I'm sippin on this henny & bud lime shaking & poppin it let me watch hit the floor that thing you do with your body make the club go damn
I got green like a lettice form you see the White & yellow rocks on both arms
Have a drink come watch how I buy the bar this what they say when they see my new car damn
I'm on your bumper baby you like the new mercedaez your bodys crazy put the key in the ignition and drive you crazy 40 fell up in the club and feel in love with the lady I'm like damn shake it mami got me buzzin like a beat trien to taste ya honey and I am not for games get naked for me so I can taste it spank it make you love me


Girate your body these other girls hate your body they just hatin mami and baby you ain't gotta take that Mami you a dime when I rate your body girl you make the party you you be specialize in go go magic city bouncing up & down like pogo the way you work it fast and go slow cuttin the rug in your high heel manolos damn
You got these suckas dyin to get that knowing they lien swearing up & down they hit that you you thicker then a snicka n them baby phats buldging what I real wanna no is can I get that kit kat keep doin what you doin ma I'm trien to find out how them scores up in them jeans with out bustin them sides out you got my head spinning round & round like a fresbee got me feeling like I'm Dizzy baby rubbin my eyes out


Girl shake it fast turn around bend it over let me spank it fast where you going baby girl don't make me chase the cat come make some cash we can take it to my place and crash we can one night stand it we can make it last however you want it I know u relate to that these haters mad it's hard as a matha to imitate this swagg but anyway the way you shake it fast take it low pick it up Slow I wanna taste it bad I know that make you laugh you should see what it do
To my pants it got a nigga like...