Bhelliom - Stranger In The Mirror lyrics

What did you see?

When you look into the mirror

Is it just your own reflection?

With that look of wonder

Here we meet again

I'm here to make amends

Come to me my friend

And take my solemn hand

You must not be afraid

I'm not here to make you go insane

This is not another game

Join me and your life will never

Be the same…

(Pre chorus)

Can you tell me?

The reflection that you see

Is it made of steel?

Shaped by reality to make it real

The one inside the mirror

He's the one they call him stranger

He tries to make you feel

That his world is for real


He strikes you from his lair

And comes to you in your nightmare

Once he cuts you clean

He will shatter all your dreams

When he's inside of you

There's nothing you can do

You're on your own

Remember… He must be over thrown