Beyond The Bridge - Where The Earth And Sky Meet lyrics

Old Man:
At the break of dawn
She knocked on my door
I was shocked she seemed
So tired and sore

And she said
It’s been time
For a change for so long
All I know
I have to
I have to move on

And I stood on the porch
Where we used to dance
And the world, somehow,
Didnʼt make any sense.

And so I
Tried to smile
Though I didn’t know why
Watched her go
And waved her,
And waved her goodbye

Someday Iʼll meet you,
Someplace I’ll greet you,
Somehow it’ll lead you back to me
It may take a lifetime
And be where the stars shine
It may be the place
Where the earth and sky meet

And the years went by
But I did not forget
Her touch, her lips
The words that she said
Just a glimpse
And a warm well known smile
Clear to see
What kept her
What kept her alive

Someday I’ll meet you…

Someday I’ll meet you
Someplace Iʼll greet you
Somehow itʼll lead you
Lead back to me

Old Man:
Why should I seek
Why should I ask
What should I strive for
If not you

Why should I seek
Why should I ask
Why should I strive
I am a Man

I am the word
I am the deed
I am the heart
Thank God Iʼm a Man

I felt the cold
I felt the heat
I felt the love
Thank God Iʼm a Man

Why should I strive
What should I seek if not you
Why should I ask
What should I seek if not you
Why, what should I strive for if not you