Betwixt - Don't Watch The Time Fly lyrics

I fought for inspiration
And it knocked me out cold
And I know it's getting old
But I will risk it all again
Just to get another chance

One night to prove I'm shameless
Taste the sincerity
And I will be reluctantly
Awaiting your return as I
Drown out the thoughts inside my head

Independent association
No-one can see the fear unless they know where it comes from
They're telling me "You'll find a way, but not today"
Don't let the past define who you are

Like walking on a bed of flames
I'm burning up inside
My mind…that's right I
Want to go back to the older days
And freeze the time

On the day we first met
How could I forget your awkwardness, your awesomeness?
I stayed around with you
Cause I didn't want to miss

Constantly and clumsily aware
And everybody thinks it's weird but me, I don't care
They're telling me "You're insanely crazy"
I'll let the past speak for itself

Everybody knows
How it's supposed to go
But I don't understand them
Everybody knows
I've got nowhere to go
But it's fine cause I know just what to do

Randomness brings out my better half
I'd do pretty much anything just to get a laugh
They're telling me "You've lost your mind and your values"
But that's the past and then there's you
I need you