Bettie Serveert - Heaven lyrics

I was looking thru the portholes out on Heaven.
Wondering what the hell I am going to do.
When the minister walks in and speaks the word "11".
Saying that there is nothing left to choose.
What a stupid fool, let's send 'em back to school.

But it's alright, now, 'cause I'm in Heaven.
You don't need to express your admiration,
'cause holiness is something that you have or haven't got
and it can't be bought, no it can't be bought.

Someone oughta save me from salvation,
someone oughta see the things I've done.
They never would have given me this strange vocation,
sitting in this happy, holy sun.
I'm not the only one, who likes to get things done.

But it's alright now, 'cause I'm in Heaven.
I think I burned the dresses of all the angels.
Their plastic wings were all destroyed by just one dirty look
and that was all it took.
that was all it took.

But it's alright now, 'cause I'm in Heaven.

It's alright now, 'cause I'm in Heaven x3