Bette Midler - Coping lyrics

So vikki Eydie is not going to make it through the techno age, well which of us will? I dont no the a VCR and an IUD although i aught to find out i would hate to be standing in front of my microwave with a VCR up my tuckas, I thought a floopy disk was my diafram.
weres thoses heebs that wrote this act?

Isnt it hard beeing friends with coke heads? they always say lets go somewere and we'll talk, what they realy mean is lets go somewere and I'll talk and they always grind there teeth I have friends who have ground there teeth so fine they could snort there own bycusbids.
For a long time a went looking for a new drug, a drug that had my name on it, realy i thought one i serched high i serched low i tried designer drugs. After all that then you know how deppressing it is when you find out your drug is midol. Once i mixed midol with speed i had my period six times in one day.
But i had to give up speed i started to understand what chero was saying.

weres those heebs that wrote this act??