Bertoldi Brothers - Reveillon lyrics

Oh man! This year I can tell
All I've tried to do, it was for good
Oh man! It hasn't worked so well
My hope, it's all misunderstood

It's december, day thirty one
Just a quarter 'til midnight
I'm sitting down on this throne
Concentrating all the shit inside

But I realize inside of me
I'll have to put all this behind
And I've planned it all... let's see
Hope it'll work: what's on my mind

It's the first of January now
Passed half-an-hour since I'm here
I clean myself and know somehow
This one will be a better, a happier new year

In that moment of meditation
A beam of light passed through me
And all the stir and brightness out there
In the sky I've never seen

But I'll never see the dimension
Of the things I must've done
But no regrets and no remorse
I feel relieved, I feel none