Benjy Davis Project - Graves lyrics

So we’ll be here awhile
It’s one more tick on the dial
It’s one less untraveled mile to go

I don’t know where I’m going
But I know there’s no use in knowing
The odds of the die that I’m throwing – just throw

It’s the good and the bad
Sunshine and rain
It’s the chances we had
And the choices we made
It’s the friends that were lost
And the lives that were saved
So come on
I’ll build the houses
If you dig the graves

Long live you and the lips of a long kiss
This is just one on a long list
Of things that I’d miss if I missed them


It’s hello and good-bye
The first time I saw you
There will be a last
Please know that I love you
Until that day comes
I’ll be here with a smile on my face
Building the houses, yea
I’ll build the houses

If you dig the graves