Benjamin Blower - We're In Trouble Now lyrics

O my God, we're in trouble now
O my God, we're in trouble now
O my Father, we're in trouble now
O my Master, we're in trouble now
Hallellujah, Hosanna
Hallellujah, Hosanna
(blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD)

We cursed your name all day and all night
Till we gained the world and we lost the light
And a 1000 1000 armies died
We shook our heads and looked to the skies
Shook our fists and asked you "Why?"
You said something and we turned to the side
Then we saw you but we shut our eyes
Cursed your name some more, and then we smiled
All our children - we call them "bastards"
Called our parents "insignificance"
Paid our daughters to dance for us
Raced our sons to the ends of innocence
Took it all for ourselves somehow
"We want the world and we want it now!"
We didn't give a damn who we hammered down
in between us and everthing else
From everlasting to everlasting to everlasting to everlasting
The shadows are long and the day is passing
Why should You give a damn about us?
The reckoning
Hearts on fire like a burning building
Blasphemous names written all over it
Kingpin - not enough money this time
Too afraid for sleeping
Spend our days blaspheming
Rolling around and screaming
bed too short and sheets too thin
O my God, what was I thinking?
Cursed Your name oncChristmas day
Snow is falling and the ship is sinking
Crucified You all over again
(sun beats down)
We got no legs to stand on

His love endures forever