Beng Beng Cocktail - Governing The Third World (Skapsom Cover) lyrics

No more place for authority I say. The people will pay for their benefits
War is in mind of everyone but two towers count more than black power
Too many deads in Africa and the other governments are looking for arguments
They don’t move because they improve their strategy not to spend money
No answers, just liars, illusions

Controlling the third world. Governing the third world

When you see all this poverty
Think of what you have and what liberty means
I need to scream to emphasize
These illusions of such a size
Because they control information
And they show a different vision
So they can legitimate their actions
And appear like heroes in our nations
Hate is growing, in our veins, illusions

Controlling the third world. Governing the third world

I know I’m not someone important to tell them what we want
But if we get together our voice against that power
We can stop all crimes and all miseries
My eyes are tired of seeing this society based on the Medias which govern our way of thinking

I can touch this misery just next to my door
I can’t stop that insanity in that ugly world
All these crimes are my mind but all the people have become blind
Too much animosity in these countries but they can’t see [a tiny piece of this] misery

That’s why you should keep your critic spirit not to fall in front of the fucking wall
Analyse information and show your determination,
To refuse wars based on illegal reasons. We don’t want to see that in another season
Bush was a liar, but he had the power. He said he would help Iraq but he is a gasoline stealer