Belly - Num8ers lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, OG all in my blunt, twenty cars all in the front
, Fifty G's I made this week, hundred hoes...
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Belly - Num8ers (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: OG all in my blunt, twenty cars all in the front
ZH: OG 都在我的钝,所有在前面的二十辆车

EN: Fifty G's I made this week, hundred hoes all wanna fuck
ZH: 五十 G 的我做了这个星期,几百个锄头所有想操

EN: Too faded, fuck control
ZH: 太淡,操控制

EN: Five pills, I fucking roll
ZH: 五个药丸,我他妈的滚

EN: One dysfunctional family, nah we wasn't no Huxtables
ZH: 我们不是没有 Huxtables 的一个功能失调家庭、 无

EN: Eight years that pops got, that shit killed my fucking soul
ZH: 持久性有机污染物的八年了,大便杀了我那该死的灵魂

EN: I swear that day they took my heart, felt like I died real fucking slow
ZH: 我发誓那天他们把我的心,感觉像慢死了真他妈的

EN: So I got high, out my mind, a thousand times when shit got low
ZH: 所以我高,出我的看法,一千次屎到低的时候

EN: We was married to the game til that bitch got old
ZH: 我们结婚了的游戏直到那个女人有旧

EN: Expensive ass ho, let it be
ZH: 昂贵的屁股何议员,让它成为

EN: Now you know why the bitch ain't never free
ZH: 现在你知道为什么那娘们是不会免费

EN: She going in for the kill, let her eat
ZH: 她去害人,让她吃

EN: And I met her doing drugs, chemistry
ZH: 我遇见了她要做的药物、 化学

EN: So dope, amphetamine
ZH: 太酷了安非他明

EN: She make it all okay, ketamine
ZH: 她使它都好,氯胺酮

EN: Anyone ever loved her, enemy
ZH: 任何人都爱过她,敌人

EN: I'm getting gum, tryna make new memories
ZH: 我感觉口香糖、 阿隆创造新的回忆

EN: [Hook x 2]
ZH: [钩 x 2]

EN: We ain't invited, we just invaded
ZH: 我们不是邀请,我们只是入侵

EN: Suede seats, she's been persuaded
ZH: 麂皮绒位子的她被说服

EN: OG, she's been sedated
ZH: OG,她已被麻醉

EN: Huh, this bitch is faded
ZH: 呵呵,这个婊子是褪了色

EN: Look, they say they ain't scared but I know they shook
ZH: 他们说他们不是害怕,但我知道他们一一握手

EN: When I say love in the air I'm probably talking bout the kush
ZH: 当我说爱空气中的我可能说的 bout 兴都库什

EN: Okay now let's start, less talk
ZH: 好了现在让我们开始,少说话

EN: How the fuck they shooting blanks at this Kevlar
ZH: 如何操他们开枪射击,空格键在此凯夫拉尔

EN: It's okay they slept on me, they'll be awake for the best part
ZH: 这是好他们睡上我,他们不会醒的最好的部分

EN: And I'm on the loudest shit, you probably couldn't even get an ounce of it
ZH: 我在最响的东西,你大概不能让它一盎司

EN: And I just went through a pound of it
ZH: 刚刚通过的这一磅

EN: You ain't got kush, that's counterfeit bitch
ZH: 你没兴都库什,这是冒牌的婊子

EN: I'm the right guy for that wrong love
ZH: 我是找那错爱的那个人

EN: Adderalls and them long blunts
ZH: Adderalls 和他们长钝

EN: Popping M's in my penthouse
ZH: 弹出M 在我的阁楼

EN: Taking slow sips out that tall cup
ZH: 以缓慢的 sip 出那高大的杯子

EN: Pour it up til we breathe slow
ZH: 直到我们呼吸缓慢倒了

EN: Yeah bitch I'm just getting warmed up
ZH: 我刚刚开始热身了是婊子

EN: And bet she wanna tell me to stop but she like it more when I'm on drugs
ZH: 打赌她想要告诉我停下来,但她更喜欢它在药物上的时候

EN: [Hook x 4]
ZH: [钩 x 4]