Belief In Promises - Smiling Hopekiller lyrics

offers surround me, roses are so sweet, keep throwing them away, most are wilted. bitter ones are now smiling, I'm still frowning sitting on cars, taking a nighttime chat hold your hands in mind. i have done it again, done it again, passion in punches your your biting confusion, after things explode, we'll never let go. change of events, are turing me soft, your smiling, don't worry i'm not dying, i'm slowly healing. caramel coated lovely failures, everything is cancelled missing you, i no longer kill you, one day we deny to long who is the luckiest girl, the one who listens to the hopekiller named me, so much indifference. i just want crimson lips and violent hips, just sit anywhere even the impossible moon, following the rope, it's wrapping us up.