Belfegor - In The Name Of Blasphemer lyrics

Beneath my filthy body burn the eternal fires
Strings of suffering and ecstasy sharpen the sight
I drank the herb of madness with the ruby liquid of revel
While she showed me the wet flower of her open lips
I gave her my prong full of boils, wales and scabs
Like a scorpion's venom my semen filled her body
With filth and blasphemous pleasure of my name
She covered her whorish body that night. She's mine

Meddened demons circle amidst lightings over ashes
Of dead bodies of fucking lice
Of whorish sons and whorish doughters
Of measly kingdoms of plastic thoughts
The black spirit spat from it's golden trumpet
the melody that kisses the shadows
Which excited get stronger and stronger
and assume titanic shapes
Filled with sexual scream of frenzy
They plug the slippery naked wombs
and mouths, and anuses