Bekay - Remember (2011)

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Bekay - Remember lyrics

The mission is divine
What I spit in this rhyme
My people was made slaves
Since the beginning of time
We just human beings
See some Americans
Started out in Europe
Jews Europeans
My grandparents
Had the flied
Their homes their lives
Their original countries
So sorry it hurt you
Makes my heart .. chest
I swear I could ..through
You don’t know how is like
To have your husband or your wife
Taken your lives taken
Your whole life taken
We were ripped from our homes
… run to slaved camps
Most died in pains
We blame the Nazi party illuminate
.. make experiments on our bodies
It’s dark I am scared
I don’t know where are we going
All the same background ..
They might kill us now
Repeat saying that
Cause we try to calm our children down
They got us in the ..scared out of my mind
For some of us might be the end of time
For some of these soul makes me wanna cry
What if I push through
Maybe I will survive
Thinking how I got into this place
Cause Hitler thinks that .. race
He thinks that he should run out the map
and every free country .. to attack
why would a person create this evil
brain wash on the minds of these people
I said it I am rapping from them ..
Never happen again

Let me breath

This wasn’t how life was meant to be
An entire generation of people lost our identities
We are all on the same page got the same ..
We are slaves we all share the same faith
Friends we give them to God
you can only tell us apart by numbers
days the same the manual labor
.. and I used all my ..
To avoid that line over there
They call it a shower
Energy is low
Like water and food
If I am dropped ..the smell
Something is burning
Oh shit I think is my people ..
Wishing I was drunk
To kill the pain
… please let me live
Please let me see my kids again