Bejelit - She's Lying 6ft Under lyrics

I'm alone in the darkness
I'm alone! Noone (is) near my soul
I've gone from the silence
Noone can hear my song

Climb again from the quicksand
I sight to find a gleam of light
As a lover in despair
Kill or forgive your killer

I'm Bleeding inside a chrysalis of darkness
Meaning suicide I find a new reason
She's lying six feet under

Scratching on your cold stone
I swear embracing your corpse
Freaking out in the graveyard
Waiting for (the) life to come

With a gun in my right hand
I won't shot to my enemies
With a knife in my left hand
I will not cut my rope

I haven't reasons to live anymore
My soul is dead with you
Walking alone in this deflowered world
Will be my destiny

Solo Sandro
Solo Daniele

My love is lying six feet under
My love is lying six feet under