Behind The Scenery - Apostle Of Greed lyrics

If the choirs of tragedy shatter your existence and your inner life
And your sould drowns in a sea of tears…

Then pray!

Adore the apostle of greed and hypocrisy
Fall down on your knees
And praise the gods of fallacy

If the rapid vortex of despair
Pulls you into the circle of faith
And your soul bursts under sublininal pressure…

Then pay!

Initial rapture will turn into lethargy
The funeral of lost lifes
The sanctuary of insanity

Repent your sins - pray for salvation
Twisting your mind - and pay for absolution

Believe in the false promises of sects
Be a follower
And pervade the claims of greedy deity

Only be a lacking willpower
Gear in the egoistic
Machinery of plutocracy

When the gods opress the weak
And profit by their simplicity
And the blasphemers preach
Their false commands

Then pray…pay!

The trust in faith sinks
In the mist of self-deception
In the labyrinth of sects
There's no redemption…

Only tears…fear!

A religion built on fear
Evokes the wish of immortality

Only a drop...
in the cascade of believers