Beefy - Olly Olly Oxen Free lyrics

May I have a minute of your time
I’ll give ya seconds of this rhyme
And let ya know that it’s safe to come out
So lemme hear ya scream "Olly olly oxen free!"
Now you're screaming "Yo, Beefy, what ya got for me?"
I got artillery and laser guided missiles at the face
At drama starters who get the alt-f4 and they get erased
And yo I’m happy in this place so when you’re givin' me my space
I hope ya handle it with grace or else you're out without a trace
So talk about me in your music, on the net, and with your friends
Because this album here transcends what Amazon spam recommends
I get high like Storm, I get deep like the Morlocks
These beats, I know, they make your toes pop
Can I get a "What what"? Probably not.
Wrong subgenre? That’s what I thought.
But I enjoy to write, and I keep hope alive
So I’m just hoping that you got this on your hard drive
This is a twenty sided rhyme, twenty sided rhyme, word
Catch me on the stage, sweating, flippin' you the bird
In a venue I forget the name of, but please don’t fear
You kids can play your fucking games this year.
And holla "Olly olly oxen free,
Olly olly oxen free,
Olly olly oxen free!
Olly olly oxen free,
Olly olly oxen free,
Olly olly oxen free!"