Beautiful Lou - Long Pinky (feat. Action Bronson & Riff Raff) (2014)

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Beautiful Lou - Long Pinky (feat. Action Bronson & Riff Raff) lyrics

[Intro: Action Bronson]
It's's me
Let me see it
Gimme that, gimme that
Let me see it, let me have it

[Verse 1:Action Bronson]
I wanna fuck tonight, best believe I'mma get mine, get mine
In the truck, all white
My bitches doing Jamaican dances
Uh, the life
You ain't getting no second chances
That's why I got some bitches turning tricks in Tampa

[Verse 1: Riff Raff]
Ok, ok, we in Tampa
Thinkin' Pensacola
I done hit your block in the rainbow Range Rover ('sace)
2k12 hangover, hard to find sober
They figured I work for Ruffles the way I keep a chip on my shoulder (chip)
Moving like molasses, fuck them E-classes
I'm thinkin' Bentley station wagon goes Inspector Gadget
Watch me work my lumber, might be "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
The way my name buzzin' makes you wanna divorce your husband
Notice on the frame, notice how I squat in the rain
Ok, pain - guess it's temporary
I done bought the mall way back in February
Raggin' on the flames, Taiwan candy nunchucks
I done got so famous I had to disguise my voice
When I ordered chimichangas from Julio's Taco Truck (truck)
I do it like this, ice on my wrist
I'm in the mirror tellin' my grill
"Ay, you shoulda just shined like this" (shined like this)
Point to Aquafina bottle, crystal deposits
The way I got a hollow minded model
Back of Ninja Kawasaki, details
I'm pushing V12s in the candy seashell

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Ayo I'm green Beemer driving
Suede jacket wearing
You gotta pay for my appearance, it will never be on clearance
Clarence Weatherspoon, my boo could boof like ten balloons
I got the five now I'm 'bout to cop the seven soon (quick)
I never knew all the things that havin' cheddar do
New rings, live jackets out the petting zoo
Luke Petitgout my shit medical
Straight surgery
Negative paternity
She run behind the curtain crying while I backflip
That kid ain't mine, motherfucker, man I'm back, back
Yes I am the winner, I'm that sick
Come get that ass kicked (yes)
We spending plastic (yes)
Uh, we got the wood wheel turning right
Smoke blowing through the night cause I'm burning right
I know I'm always on that next shit
Look at my mind, you'll see some shit that's not suggested