Beau - Where Is Your Gun, My Son lyrics

And I knew you when you were young and waving wildly from the train,
Shouting loud your long farewell should you not return again.
And true, you never did come home and Mama said you'd never dare.
I didn't know you were alive and now I see you standing there.

It takes so much to kill a man, especially a man like you.
You'd never be the one to die unless you had a reason to.
And here we two are both the same; but bitterness is creeping in.
I couldn't let that happen now, it wouldn't do to let you win.

You're older now but looking well, better now than you deserve.
Whatever was it brought you here behind the wire of our reserve?
I tell you, here the winter's cold, but colder still for those like me.
It's useless trying to get away when there are wolves among the trees.

Your back's a straighter one than mine – I've lived this way for thirty years.
Your Mama wept so early on, she couldn't see the sky for tears.
But finally the tears ran dry and then we both forgot your name –
Until you came in through that door and I can see you once again.

And now the circle is complete, you join the ranks that you betrayed.
The early years are always bad and those are ones you won't evade,
For those who live remember well the ones who wore the crimson star
When you believed you were like them, and then they found out what you are...

Where is your gun, my son, where is your gun?
Where is your gun, my son, where is your gun?
Where is your gun, my son, where is your gun?