Beau - Journey lyrics

I told no one
I left Sunday
Had to get to you
By the end of the day
Drove across three states
Carried in a cloud of smoke
Pondered our fate
And in the dark I awoke
As the night fell, in Utah I arrived
Under a midnight spell, I drove hypnotized
Along the black highway, Utah night, afraid to stop
I hit 100, clairvoyance topped the cops
Nothing could block me from the only thing in my sight
The promise of your sweet kiss in the tunnel was my light
And as I followed the road that snaked along the hill
I saw you in the distance, now I know the dream is real
I love you so much, three days apart was hell
You’re the only one who’s touched the depths of my well
So I rescued you from misery and bane
Baby, we together can anesthetize the pain
And as our journey ends, we’ll escape the dark
I will protect you baby, you’re the holder of my heart

Copyright 2002 Beau Phillips