Beat Farmers - Selfish Heart lyrics

Infatuation with you
I'd do anything for you
Your shiny lips are pleasin'
But there's no reason for you

No imitation would do
You're more than I could barely lose
'Cause you're the one big teaser, my life, and I'm aware of it too

You don't do nothin' but hide your selfish heart
Let me share it with you
I'm gettin' drunk all the time
I'm like a fish on a line over you
You just come and go, I fill one brief hole in your life
I'm just your entertainment you come and play with a while

The complication with you
Is that I know you'll never be true
You're like an act of treason, no rhyme no reason for you
No limitations please
All I want is all I can get
Lover why you makin' me play this game of rockin' roulette?