Beastie Boys - Slow Ride (Licensed To Ill Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | They got a committee to get me off the block
, 'Cause I say my rhymes loud and I say 'em nonstop
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Beastie Boys - Slow Ride (Licensed To Ill Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: They got a committee to get me off the block
ZH: 他们有一个委员会,我离开了块

EN: 'Cause I say my rhymes loud and I say 'em nonstop
ZH: 因为我说我押韵大声和我说他们不停

EN: Because being bad news is what we're all about
ZH: 因为被坏消息是我们是什么

EN: We went to White Castle and we got thrown out
ZH: 我们去了白色城堡,我们就要被轰出去

EN: I got my boy Mike D. - I got the King Adrock I got the jammy with the ammo inside my sock
ZH: 我有我的儿子迈克 D.-我有国王 Adrock 我进去我的袜子勾搭弹药

EN: I shot homeboy but the bullet was a dud
ZH: 拍的痞子但子弹是哑弹

EN: So I reached in the Miller cooler - grabbed a cool Bud
ZH: 所以我在冷却器-米勒达成抓住了一个很酷的花蕾

EN: Slow riding, gun hidin' on the go
ZH: 慢骑枪躲在路上

EN: I'm fly like an eagle and I drink Old Crow
ZH: 我就会像一只鹰飞和我喝老乌鸦

EN: I'm the king of the classroom - coolin' in the back
ZH: 我是在教室-coolin' 在后面的国王

EN: My teacher had beef so I gave her a smack
ZH: 我的老师了牛肉,所以我给了她揍

EN: She chased me out of class she was strapped with a ruler
ZH: 她被我赶出教室她上绑着一把尺子

EN: Went to the bathroom - rolled myself a wooler
ZH: 去洗手间-冷轧自己沃

EN: With bottle in hand at the microphone stand
ZH: 在麦克风站手中的瓶子

EN: A. yo homeboy - what you drinkin' man
ZH: A.哟痞子-什么你喝酒的男人

EN: I got money, I got juice
ZH: 我有钱了果汁

EN: I got to the party and I got loose
ZH: 我到党还有松动

EN: I got rhythms, I got rhymes
ZH: 我有节奏,我有押韵

EN: I got the girlies with the Def behinds
ZH: 我与 Def 呵呵靓妹

EN: I got ill, I got busted
ZH: 生病了被抓住的时候

EN: I got dust and I got dusted
ZH: 我有粉尘和有更宽的

EN: I got gold, I got funky
ZH: 我有黄金,有时髦

EN: I got the new dance they call the Brass Monkey
ZH: 我有新的舞蹈他们叫铜猴

EN: Because I'm hard hittin' always biten cool as hell
ZH: 因为我是硬打总是 biten 酷像地狱

EN: I got trees on my mirror so my car won't smell
ZH: 我有树在我的镜子上,所以我的车不会闻到的味道

EN: Sittin' around the house gettin' high and watchin' tube
ZH: 坐在附近的房子越来越 '高和看' 管

EN: Eating Colonel's chicken drinkin' Heineken brew
ZH: 吃上校的鸡 drinkin' 喜力啤酒酿造

EN: I'm a gangster, I'm a prankster I'm the king of the Ave.
ZH: 我是一个黑帮老大,我是国王大道淘气

EN: I'm hated, confrontated for the juice that I have
ZH: 我讨厌,我有果汁 confrontated

EN: All the fly ladies are making a fuss
ZH: 所有的飞女士小题大做

EN: But I can't pay attention 'cause I'm on that dust
ZH: 但我不能因为我上注意是灰尘