Beastie Boys - Slow And Low (Licensed To Ill Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Let it flow - let yourself go
, Slow and low - that is the tempo
, It's never old school all...
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Beastie Boys - Slow And Low (Licensed To Ill Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Let it flow - let yourself go
ZH: 让它流-让你自己去

EN: Slow and low - that is the tempo
ZH: 慢和低-这就是节奏

EN: It's never old school all brand new
ZH: 它永远不是所有品牌新老学校

EN: So everybody catch the bugaloo flu
ZH: 所以每个人都感冒 bugaloo

EN: Not like a fever not like a cold
ZH: 不像不像是感冒发烧

EN: The beats are clear the rhymes are bold
ZH: 节拍是明确的节奏很大胆

EN: So don't see a doctor or see a nurse
ZH: 所以别看医生或看到一名护士

EN: Just listen to the music first things first
ZH: 只听一听音乐第一次,第一次

EN: First of all get off the wall
ZH: 首先下车在墙上

EN: It's time to party so have a ball
ZH: 这是党的时间所以有一个球

EN: We slowed it on down so get the hell up
ZH: 我们放慢它上快到底

EN: Like a volcano I'll erupt
ZH: 我就像一座火山爆发

EN: We got determination - bass and highs
ZH: 我们有决心-低音和高点

EN: White Castle fries only come in one size
ZH: 炸薯条一大小只有进来的白色城堡

EN: What you see is what you get
ZH: 你看到的是你能得到什么

EN: And you ain't seen nothing yet
ZH: 你还没看到什么

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: I do not sing but I make a Def song
ZH: 唱不得 Def 歌

EN: You could live your whole life and I hope you live long
ZH: 你可以住你的一生,我希望你活的长

EN: On the Gong Show we won't get gonged
ZH: 龚展上我们不会让下

EN: We're the Beastie Boys not Cheech and Chong
ZH: 我们的野兽男孩不切奇和庄

EN: Strong as an ox fresh out the box
ZH: 壮如牛新鲜出框中

EN: The crowd is so live they're coming in flocks
ZH: 人群是那么活他们成群结队来

EN: And when we go on the crowd goes off
ZH: 我们什么时候去上人群熄灭

EN: It's all hard rock there's nothing soft
ZH: 它是所有硬岩有什么都是软

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: We don't only rock the house but we'll house we rock
ZH: 我们不只有摇滚的房子,但我们会房子我们摇滚

EN: We don't stroll but we roll straight to the top
ZH: 我们不逛逛,但我们卷直接到顶部

EN: M.C.A., Adrock, Mike D. makes three
ZH: M.C.A.,Adrock,迈克 D.使三

EN: And we can do it like this in the place to be
ZH: 我们可以做这样的地方,

EN: When I'm recorded you'll be rewarded
ZH: 我录的时候你会得到回报

EN: I know my song is Def 'cause you all applauded
ZH: 我知道我的歌是 Def,因为你们都称赞

EN: Not P.C.P. or L.S.D. just me Mike D. in the place to be
ZH: 不卡氏或迷幻药是我迈克 D.在的地方是

EN: This is not for free you must pay a fee
ZH: 这不是是免费,你必须付钱

EN: Cash on delivery like a C.O.D.
ZH: 货到付款喜欢货到付款

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: The beat is slow in order to dance
ZH: 节奏很慢,跳舞

EN: I wanna hear I dos and no I can'ts
ZH: 我想要听到我没有我和 dos 不能

EN: First you move your legs and then your arms
ZH: 首先你将移动你的双腿,然后你的怀抱

EN: It's not fast and nervous this dance is calm
ZH: 它不是快速和紧张这种舞蹈是平静

EN: It's truly stable and you ought to be able
ZH: 它是真正稳定,你应该可以

EN: To dance to the record when it's on the turntable
ZH: 当它是转盘上跳舞到记录

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]