Beastie Boys - She's Crafty (Licensed To Ill Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Well this girl came up to me - she says she's new in town
, But the crew been said they seen her...
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Beastie Boys - She's Crafty (Licensed To Ill Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Well this girl came up to me - she says she's new in town
ZH: 好这个女孩来找我-她说她是新镇

EN: But the crew been said they seen her around
ZH: 但机组人员一直说他们看到她在身边

EN: I thought they were right but I didn't wanna know
ZH: 我还以为他们是对的但我不想知道

EN: The girlie was Def and she wanted to go
ZH: 娘娘腔是 Def 和她想去

EN: I think her name is Lucy but they all call Loose
ZH: 我认为她的名字是露西,但他们都叫松散

EN: I think I thought I seen her on eighth and forty-deuce
ZH: 我觉得我还以为我看到她在第八届和四十德斯

EN: The next think she said, "My place or yours?
ZH: 下一步想她说,"我家就是你吗?

EN: Let's kick some bass behind closed doors!"
ZH: 让我们踢一些低音闭门!"

EN: We got into the cab - the cab driver said
ZH: 我们走进了出租车-出租车司机说:

EN: He recognized my girlie from the back of her head
ZH: 他承认我的姑娘从她的头的后面

EN: He said a little something about tip to base
ZH: 他说了一些有关提示的基础

EN: So I made him stop the cab to get out of the place
ZH: 于是他停下来的 cab 文件离开的地方

EN: I shouldn't have looked back man I'll always regret it
ZH: 不应该有回头看了看男人总是会后悔

EN: Something's going on and I'll probably never get it
ZH: 什么事情和可能永远不会它

EN: She was crying like a baby - stupid dumb
ZH: 她哭得像个孩子-蠢蠢

EN: It's just too bad that girl's a bum
ZH: 这是太糟糕了那个女孩的屁股

EN: (chorus) She's crafty - she's gets around
ZH: (合唱)她是狡猾,她是在附近的获取

EN: She's crafty - she's always down
ZH: 她是狡猾,她总是向下

EN: She's crafty - she's got a gripe
ZH: 她是狡猾-她的抱怨

EN: She's crafty - and she's just my type
ZH: 她是狡猾-,她是只是我喜欢的类型

EN: She's crafty
ZH: 她是狡猾

EN: I spent my last dollar to by a Sabrett
ZH: 我花了我最后的一块钱到由 Sabrett

EN: When I seen this girl I could never forget
ZH: 当我看到我可能永远不会忘记这个女孩

EN: Now I like nothing better than a pretty girl smile
ZH: 现在没有什么比一个漂亮的女孩微笑更

EN: And I haven't seen a smile that pretty in a while
ZH: 我没见到一个漂亮的在一段时间的微笑

EN: The girl came up to me she said she loved the show
ZH: 送来的女孩我她说她爱表演

EN: Asked her to come home and she couldn't say, "No!"
ZH: 问她来家,她不能说"不!"

EN: We got the crib - there's Adam and D
ZH: 我们有婴儿床-有亚当和 D

EN: We didn't say a word - they just stared at me
ZH: 我们没有说一个字 — — 他们只是盯着我

EN: I said, "I don't know her just met her tonight"
ZH: 我说,"我不知道她只是见过她今晚"

EN: And Adrock started hiding everything in sight
ZH: Adrock 开始隐藏中的一切视线

EN: D pulled me over said, "Hid your gold,
ZH: D 把我拉说,"藏在你的黄金

EN: The girl is crafty like ice is cold!"
ZH: 这个女孩是狡猾像冰是冷!"

EN: The girl is crafty - she knows all the moves
ZH: 这个女孩是狡猾 — — 她知道所有的动作

EN: I started playing records - she knew all the grooves
ZH: 我开始玩记录-她知道所有的凹槽

EN: He thought she was a thief - and D was right
ZH: 他以为她是个小偷-和 D 是正确

EN: But I just figured she'd spend the night
ZH: 但我只是觉得她会花夜

EN: When I woke up late in the afternoon
ZH: 当我醒来下午很晚的

EN: She had taken all the things from inside his room
ZH: 她在他的房间内采取了所有的东西

EN: I found myself sleeping in the middle of the floor
ZH: 我发现自己睡在地上

EN: She had taken the bed and the chest of drawers
ZH: 她已经在床上和在抽屉

EN: The mirror, the TV, the guitar cord
ZH: 镜子,电视、 吉他弦

EN: My remote control and my old skateboard
ZH: 我远程控制和我老的滑板

EN: She robbed us blind - she took all we owned
ZH: 她抢了我们盲-她拿走了所有我们拥有的

EN: And the boys blamed me for bringing her home
ZH: 孩子们责备我把她带回家

EN: (repeat chorus)
ZH: (重复合唱)