Beastie Boys - Rhymin & Stealin (Licensed To Ill Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Because mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about
, I'm gonna board your ship and turn it on out
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Beastie Boys - Rhymin & Stealin (Licensed To Ill Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Because mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about
ZH: 因为慷慨的叛变的我们是什么

EN: I'm gonna board your ship and turn it on out
ZH: 我要登上你的船,并把它出来

EN: No soft sucker with a parrot on his shoulder
ZH: 在他肩上的鹦鹉没有软抽油

EN: 'Cause I'm bad gettin' bolder - cold getting colder
ZH: 因为我是坏得 ' 更大胆-冷冷

EN: Terrorizing suckers on the seven seas
ZH: 恐吓七海的修路工

EN: And if you've got beef - you'll get capped in the knees
ZH: 如果你有牛肉-您会获得上限在膝盖和

EN: We got sixteen men on a dead man's chest
ZH: 我们在一个死人的胸口上有 16 个男人

EN: And I shot those suckers and I'll shoot the rest
ZH: 拍的那些傻瓜和会剩下的

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Most illingest b-boy - I got that feeling
ZH: 大多数 illingest b-男孩-那感觉

EN: Cause I am most ill and I'm rhymin' and stealin'
ZH: 我和我最有病的原因是吟唱和偷

EN: Snatching gold chains - vicking pieces of eight
ZH: 抢金链-vicking 银币

EN: I got your money and your honey and the fly name plate
ZH: 我有你的钱和你的蜂蜜和飞名称板

EN: We got wenches on the benches - and bitties with titties
ZH: 我们跟村姑的长凳-和 bitties 乳房

EN: Housing all girlies from city to city
ZH: 住房从一个城市到另一个城市的所有靓妹

EN: One for all and all for one
ZH: 为人人,人人为我

EN: Taking out M.C.'s with a big shotgun
ZH: 拿出 M.C.的大猎枪

EN: All for one and one for all
ZH: 所有的一个,另一个用于所有

EN: Because the Beastie Boys have gone A.W.O.L.
ZH: 因为野兽男孩已经一刻

EN: Friggin' in the riggin' and cuttin' your throat
ZH: 他妈的在 riggin' 和一定会吸引你的喉咙

EN: Big biting suckers getting thrown in the moat
ZH: 大咬一毛赶在护城河里

EN: We got maidens and wenches - man they're on the ace
ZH: 我们有少女和村姑-人他们在 ace

EN: Captain Bly is gonna die when we break his face
ZH: 船长布莱就要死时我们打破他的脸

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: Ali Baba and the forty thieves
ZH: 阿里巴巴与四十大盗

EN: Torching and crakin' and rhymin' and stealin'
ZH: 火烧和 crakin' 和吟唱和偷

EN: Robbin' and raping - busting two in the ceiling
ZH: 抢劫和强奸-破坏两个在天花板上

EN: I'm wheeling' - I'm dealin' - I'm drinking, not thinking
ZH: 我不择手段 '-我是在想办法-我喝酒,不想

EN: Never cower, never shower - and I'm always stinking
ZH: 从来没有退缩,从来没有淋浴-和我总是会臭的

EN: Ho ho ho and a pint of Brass Monkey
ZH: 何何何和一品脱的黄铜猴子

EN: And when my girlie shakes her hips - she sure gets funky
ZH: 我娘娘腔摇她的臀部-的时候她肯定会时髦

EN: Skirt chasing, free basing - killing every village
ZH: 裙子追逐、 免费基础-杀了每个村庄

EN: We drink and rob and rhyme and pillage
ZH: 我们喝和抢劫和韵和掠夺

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: I've been drinking my rum - a Def son of a gun
ZH: 我一直在喝我朗姆酒-Def 的儿子的一枪

EN: I fought the law and I cold won
ZH: 我打了法律和冷我赢了

EN: Black Beard's weak - Moby Dick's on the tick
ZH: 黑胡子的弱-白鲸在刻度线上

EN: 'Cause I pull out the jammy and squeeze off six
ZH: 因为我拔出勾搭,挤压掉六

EN: My pistol is loaded - I shot Betty Crocker
ZH: 我的手枪加载-拍的贝蒂克罗克

EN: Deliver Colonel Sanders down to Davey Jones' locker
ZH: 交付的桑德斯上校到戴维 · 琼斯

EN: Rhymin' and stealin' in a drunken state
ZH: 吟唱和偷在醉酒状态

EN: And I'll be rockin' my rhymes all the way to Hell's gate
ZH: 我就会刮成我押韵通往地狱的大门

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]