Beastie Boys - Hold It Now, Hit It (Licensed To Ill Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Now I chill real ill when I start to chill
, When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills

Beastie Boys - Hold It Now, Hit It (Licensed To Ill Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Now I chill real ill when I start to chill
ZH: 现在我开始冷静冷静真正病

EN: When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills
ZH: 当我我的口袋装满美元钞票的结

EN: Sipping pints of ale out the window sill
ZH: 喝着品脱的啤酒出窗台

EN: When I get my fill I'm chilly chill
ZH: 我填充的时候我是冷冷

EN: Now I just got home because I'm out on bail
ZH: 现在我刚回家因为我保释

EN: What's the time? it's time to buy ale
ZH: 什么是时间?是时候买 ale

EN: Peter eater parking meter all of the time
ZH: 彼得徒停车米所有的时间

EN: If I run out of ale it's Thunderbird wine
ZH: 如果我用完了 ale 是雷鸟的酒

EN: Miller drinking chicken eating dress so fly
ZH: 米勒饮水鸡吃穿衣服所以飞

EN: I got friends in high places that are keeping me high
ZH: 我有个朋友在高处,让我高

EN: Down with Mike D. and it ain't no hassle
ZH: 与迈克 D.和它不没有麻烦

EN: Got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle
ZH: 从这里到白色城堡的 80 女士拿

EN: Hold it now - hit it!
ZH: 现在抱着它-打它 !

EN: M.C. Adam Yauch in the place to be
ZH: M.C.亚当 Yauch 在的地方是

EN: And all the girls are on me cause I'm down with Mike D.
ZH: 所有的女孩都在我,因为我与迈克 D.

EN: I'm down with Mike D. and it ain't no baloney
ZH: 我同迈克 D.并不是没有胡扯

EN: For real, not phony "O.E." and Rice-a-Roni
ZH: 说真的,不假"亨利"和稻香

EN: I come out at night 'cause I sleep all day
ZH: 我晚上出来因为我睡一整天

EN: And I'm the King Adrock and he's M.C.A.
ZH: 我是国王 Adrock,他是 M.C.A.

EN: Well I'm cruising, I'm bruising I'm never ever losing
ZH: 我巡航很好,我淤青我永远失去

EN: I'm in my car I'm going far and dust is what I'm using
ZH: 我在我的车我要远和尘埃是我使用的什么

EN: Around the way is where I'm from
ZH: 到处是我的故乡

EN: And I'm from Manhattan and I'm not a bum
ZH: 我是从曼哈顿和我不是一个流浪汉

EN: Because you're pud-slapping, ball-flapping - got that juice
ZH: 因为你是 pud 掴、 球扑-有果汁

EN: My name's Mike D. and I can do that Jerry Lewis
ZH: 我和我的名字叫迈克 D.可以做那个杰瑞 · 刘易斯

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: Hip-hop, body rockin' doing the do
ZH: 嘻哈,身体摇摆做做的

EN: Beer drinking, breath stinking, sniffing glue
ZH: 啤酒喝,呼吸臭、 嗅闻胶水

EN: Belly flipping, always illing, busting caps
ZH: 翻转,总是生病,疯狗的肚子

EN: My name's Mike D. and I write my own snaps
ZH: 我和我的名字叫迈克 D.写我自己的快照

EN: I'm a peep-show seeking on the forty-deuce
ZH: 我是偷窥秀寻求上四十德斯

EN: I'm a killer at large and I'm on the loose
ZH: 我是在一个杀手大和我在松

EN: Pistol packing, Monkey drinking, no money bum
ZH: 手枪包装、 猴子喝酒,没有钱二赖子

EN: I come from Brooklyn 'cause that's where I'm from
ZH: 因为那是我从哪里来从布鲁克林

EN: Cheap-skate, perpetrating - money hungry jerk
ZH: 吝啬鬼,犯下-钱饿混蛋

EN: Everyday I drink a "O.E." and I don't go to work
ZH: 日常喝的"亨利"和不上班

EN: You drippy nose knuckle-head - you're we behind the ears
ZH: 你混鼻子关节头-你是我们的耳朵后面

EN: You like men - and we like beer.
ZH: 你喜欢-男人和我们喜欢啤酒。

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: King of the Ave. with the Def female
ZH: 与 Def 女性大道之王

EN: You're rhyming and stealin' with the freshest ale
ZH: 你用韵和偷用最新鲜的啤酒

EN: Cooling at the crib watching my TV
ZH: 冷却在家看我的电视

EN: Ed Norton - Ted Knight - and Mr. Ed
ZH: 教育署诺顿-泰德骑士-和艾德先生

EN: Pump it up homeboy just don't stop
ZH: 痞子起来只是不停的泵

EN: Chef Boy-ar-dee cooling on the pot
ZH: 厨师男孩-ar-迪锅上冷却

EN: I take no slack cause I got the knack
ZH: 我带没有可宽延时间的原因我有窍门

EN: And I'm never dusting out cause I torch that crack
ZH: 我从来没有除尘和出原因烧了那裂缝

EN: The King Adrock that is my name
ZH: 我的名字是王 Adrock

EN: And you're drinking Moet we got the champagne
ZH: 你喝空腹我们有香槟

EN: A quarter dropping going shopping buying wigs
ZH: 四分之一滴去购物买假发

EN: Surgeon general cut professor D.J. Thigs
ZH: 外科总医师切教授小丹 Thigs

EN: [repeat chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]