Be Bop Deluxe - Futurist Manifesto lyrics


Nevermore days astonishing
Happening with tapes and anything 1962
Power beyond years are endings
Time most misplaced
The earth forever renders the promised mockery (mockery)
Ghost in latitude, fears genrated
Science as uncontrollable anxiety
Events far and implicit, most frightening ghost projections
Fade and never return (the earth forever renders tapes from this mockery)
Even more than international
Perhaps inside our different events
No more years of this emphasis

Human voices, enchanting
Direct purposes and artificial songs
Hang on your metal tongue
Watch those royal and cheery blue storms
The curve of time time against unsung knowledge
The curving of piano dancing
The ticking of clocks against the window
Against the window a face invisible
Transparent, invisible

Many dimensions critical variations
The effect is response, in from sound and internal method
Life doing roller coaster
But first play a wakening celebration or inspection
The beautiful stars ringing clear
Pure clarion, a board of celestial
Observatory gardens sing yes, no more