Battling Delirium - Close lyrics

Suffering, brought on me. Struggling dangerously.
Guess I’ll bring on the remedy from my shelter let me free.
Such as agony eats me and it shits me.
It’s coming down. Showering. Step on me, you’re towering.
Your the fucking beast. You scary fucking beast.
Glistening, in a screen, you try to lure me.
You cheat, fucking cheat. Taunt me while I’m tripping.
Let me be, let me see. What my mind wants to think.
Free me, leave me. You are so fucking crazy.

Escaping from you my beast.
I’ll run from you my beast.
Looking at you.
I’ll run away. Run away. I’ll run from this.
But you’re getting closer.
You’re getting closer.
You’re getting close to me. So close to me. Close to me.
Oh well. Oh well. But oh well. Oh well.