Battle Of Britain Memorial - Metaphysics Of The Lighthouse lyrics

When you drown into the doubts of reason
Light, there is a light, in the reason's nest

Withered sea, can you see what I will live on the rainbow of fear that awaits me outside ?
Mind wants to get around to (can I too ?) go near the light that holds knowledge in the sky

Light, there is a light, inside the valley
A bright expected light
I walk up to it, I walk up to it
I run toward it, I run

Look, you see, the lighthouse is here
But we're not fitted for this kind of light
We wandered so long, but we've been misled
Future is a place that sunbeams cannot reach
We saw through the keyhole what the keeper thought
Through their little game, truth is on the lam
The lighthouse is dead, oh right the lighthouse is dead
So now, tell me, tell me what to do
And now, tell me, tell me what to do if you can

Mind wants to get away to (can I too ?), for the Heaven's sake, leave from this vision

The lighthouse is dead

I'll wander in a life without knowing if it's worth my while