Barstool Prophets - Little Death lyrics

Sixteen days without a word
If she was alright I think I would have heard
She had no reason to have gone away
No, we never fought; I don't care what the neighbours say
There was just the two of us, we lived alone
A third on the way to make our house a home
We had plans to marry come spring
As soon as I could afford to buy the ring

Oh Mary, Mary, where are you now?
This place seems so empty without you somehow
Something I said or did made you go
I would have stopped if you'd just let me know
That cruddy job I couldn't handle it
Getting twenty bucks a day to clean up other peoples' shit
And all your crying when you felt the pain
I couldn't take take the pressure, no I can't take the pressure
Oh, it's going to my head
Oh Mary, Mary, tell me, are you dead?
Are you dead?

Is it just me or is it hot in here?
You know that night for me just isn't very clear
I was out tying one on with the guys
They'll vouch for me they'll be my alibis
When I got home I heard the silence crack
Voices in my head talking behind my back
They laughed and laughed as I struck her to the ground
But when her head hit the floor they didn't make a sound

Alright I killed her now my secret's out
My hands are red and I just can't wash it out
Oh Mary, Mary, tell me, are you dead?
I can't hear a thing with all the voices in my head
All these voices in my head
Voices in my head

I hear voices
I hear voices
I hear voices
I hear voices
I hear voices
I hear voices