Barry White - I've Found Someone lyrics (Chinese translation). | It's not everyday
, That you can find something in your life
, That is worth all the money in this...
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Barry White - I've Found Someone (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: It's not everyday
ZH: 不是每天

EN: That you can find something in your life
ZH: 你能找到的东西在你的生活

EN: That is worth all the money in this world
ZH: 这是值得所有的钱,在这个世界

EN: Happiness
ZH: 幸福

EN: And for the first time in my life
ZH: 第一次在我的生活

EN: I find it hard for me to express myself by the way I feel
ZH: 觉得我表达自己的我的感觉很难

EN: This thing makes me wanna scream
ZH: 这件事让我想要尖叫

EN: Makes me wanna holler, makes me wanna shout
ZH: 让我想要喊,让我想大声喊

EN: It makes me wanna sing lyrics of love
ZH: 它让我想要唱的爱歌词

EN: And joy and happiness and [Incomprehensible]
ZH: 快乐和幸福 [复杂]

EN: Never thought I'd find someone
ZH: 从没想过我会找人

EN: Who'd blow my mind, yeah, like you do
ZH: 谁会大吃一惊我,是的像你这样

EN: And never thought I'd see the day
ZH: 从没想过会看到一天

EN: That it could be so true, yeah
ZH: 是的它可以如此真实,

EN: Yes, I found someone, yeah
ZH: 是的我找到的人,是的

EN: Someone that I can give my love to
ZH: 我可以给到我爱的人

EN: And do all the things I've longed to do
ZH: 和做我一直想做的事

EN: Girl, I've found out it's you, it's true
ZH: 女孩,我发现它的你,而是真实

EN: It's true, it's you
ZH: 是真的,就是你

EN: Never have I known the kinda love you've shown in my life
ZH: 我不知道你已经在我的生命中所示的还挺爱

EN: And don't believe myself you're better than I've ever felt
ZH: 我自己,你比我更从来也不相信

EN: Yes, I know why
ZH: 是的我知道为什么

EN: It's all because I, I've, I've found someone, yeah, yeah, yeah
ZH: 都是因为我,,我发现一个人,是的没错

EN: Someone that I can reach out and touch
ZH: 我伸手可及触碰的人

EN: Your smiling face, it means so much
ZH: 你的笑脸,意味着很多

EN: Girl, you'll be the one I need when things go wrong
ZH: 女孩,你会是事情出了问题,我需要一个

EN: I'm gonna need your faith to keep me strong
ZH: 我会需要你的信心,让我坚强

EN: Ohh, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care what you do
ZH: 哦,我不在乎,我不在乎,我不在乎你做什么

EN: It's gonna take the rest of my life, take a chance on you
ZH: 它要把我的余生,抓住你的机会