Barry Louis Polisar - I Don't Wanna Go To School lyrics

"I don't wanna go to school," Tom said to his mommy.
"You know you have to go to school," Mom said back to Tommy.
"No one likes me there," said Tom. He hid beneath the covers.
"I'd rather stay in bed," he said. "Grow up," said Tommy's mother.

Tom ducked his head beneath the sheets and kicked his feet about.
His mother heard him whimpering and told him not to pout.
"I just can't face another day, the children are not nice."
She wiped his cheek and told him to follow her advice.

"But people laugh at me at school," Tom told his mom again.
"The teachers will not talk to me. I don't have any friends."
"Now Tom get up," said Tommy's mom. She hoped he was convincible.
"You've got to go to school," she said, "because you are the Principal."