Barry Louis Polisar - Bad Boys lyrics

Mike hit the window with the sledge;
We all heard it break.
Dave took a crowbar to the porch;
Made every rafter shake.

Dan tore down the kitchen wall,
Made a big hole in the floor.
I said, "Is this how you fix the house?"
They all answered, "Sure."

George lit a fire in the tub,
Then tried to put it out.
Bob took the blowtorch to the wall,
I started to have my doubts.

Water poured down from the floor
Which caved the ceiling in.
The house was leaning to one side;
They each had a little grin.

Tom took my fathers pick-up truck,
Got stuck knee-deep in mud.
John cut the water line inside
Which made the basement flood.

Mike and George just laughed and said,
"Fix it later if you choose to."
I guess they mean it when they say
"They don't build things like they used to."

They don't build things like they used to