Barins - Pidgin Living (A Bar In My Head) lyrics

Do you know Fred?

I know I should have learned to speak properly in order to form a rock group in England, sorry for that, after all you have dumped the runes for people like the Normans and me.
You know, things like Beowulf, Chaucer or even Shakespeare.

But here I am
just a homey who knows some Smiths lyrics,

a grotesque amalgamation pleading for something else than baby talk, looking for my FOXP2.

Let me tell you about Fred.

The FT hypothesis describes us all attempting to simplify lives by language.
And a 6ft Fortean Times reader could be a nurse too.
Our lives, mate

Crossed by case

But I keep going, code-switching
lacking grammar and vocabulary
just trying not to become a pigeon

Yeah, amalgamation, amalgamation
It's a pidgin living, this outsider jargon Barins let off,
All Calque lyrics, creole rock, such a pidgin life
It's a pidgin living, slightly a living language

A bar in my head