Barefoot Truth - Holdin' On lyrics

On top of the world
At least the world I knew
My only company is the wind, the rain, the sun, the sky, the moon
I build my life my roots set deep in the Earth
Some folks can't see a good life for what it's worth

Well it all began to change
At the sound of a gun
People running through my fears
Their bodies sleeping in the sun
And then the grass became the road
And then the cars rolled by

And I was choking on the smoke I thought the air was on fire
And then the ground began to rise, or maybe I was sinking in
Gone be the days I could see or smell the ocean
I'm living in a concrete cave with just a shadow by my side
But I'm gonna hold my ground until this life is gonna pass me by

I'm holdin' on to all that I've left
Is that so much for one to ask?
I never wanted more than I was given
But some folks just don't want to understand

I saw a man yesterday
Who just had been kicked to the curb
If not by acting bold he'd break off more than he deserve
Not he's stretched himself thin
He holds a cup and paper change
Tears fall from his eyes and he thinks about those good old days
I stretch my arms out wide I said I'll offer you some shade