Bankers From Boston - I Brake For Butterflies lyrics

When I'm driving in my car
I brake for butterflies
It seems a quite peculiar thing
But I've got my reasons why
I knew a guy who up and died
And rode a boat to hell
When he returned on his sure leave
A story he did tell

When his boat landed, the joint was filled
There were no vacancies
The door man said, "Well anyway,
Would you like to take a peak?"
My friend obliged and joined his guide
From there they did begin
Of seventeen consentric rings of sinners and their sins

On the top was a traffic cop
With murder in his eyes
Leveling his wrath at people who kill butterflies
Doctors, lawyers, clerks, and jerks
Meet heads and movie stars
Well anyone with butterflies
Stuck fast to their fast cars
And oh, my friend, the punishment's too gruesome to be said
But rest assured, there's plenty worse to Hell than being dead

Pretty thing with smashed up wings
Is a site I just can't stand
Yes in my eyes, a butterfly's worth much more than a man
Yes in my eyes, a butterfly's worth much more than a man

So when you're driving in your car
Brake for those butterflies
Cause it's possible Hell may not be full
When it comes your turn to die