Bangladesh - Phantom (feat. 2 Chainz) (2013)

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Bangladesh - Phantom (feat. 2 Chainz) lyrics

[Intro: Bangladesh]
Its like a black man heaven here
My nigga 2 Chainz bringing 2 cups and extendo blunts
Its all bay when that nigga baby pull up

[Hook: Bangladesh]
Pull up in the Phantom, shuffle with the doors off
Hop out in the city, see a nigga showin up
Money in the air, a couple bottles pourin up
Fat lady singin at the opera, yea its over now
Its over now, shit is over now
Fat lady singin at the opera, yea its over now

[Verse 1: Bangladesh]
Young nigga got stripes, bar code
Ill be with your honey, buzzin like the bar closed
Choppers taking targets, shootin up marshals
Rolls, the packs money in the backseat, star mode
Phantom grills shinin like a new Porsche
And pardon me partner, I park it with my eyes closed
Front door lookin like a car show in Boston
Country then a mug, hold a child, wheres my cardinal?
Louie belt buckle, watch me rope em like the cattle pry
I give your ass a smack before I give your ass a ride
I shred it down, I arrive in the nick of time
I pull the choppa off the top and make you change your mind
You on enemy turf, she got me in a purse
20 grand for the rims, half a mill for the work
A couple bands, I make Rosanne sing Rihanna verse
Like oh na na, what that nigga worth?
All car precious, make that heffer come and sing in person
Im so aggressive, any second I could switch to murkin
Like Figaro, tell your ho we aint come for flirtin
I shut that motherfucker down, closed curtains

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I said its over now, got the rims poking out
Smoke before I go to trial
Sacks filled, poster child
Im way colder now, on the mic I hachu
If I rule the world, benihanas, I have a drivethrough
Im getting to the money times 2
Must I remind you?
If that pussy good Imma try to fuckin sign you
And Im from the side, where we trap and we round you
And shes wet in my whip, carpool
I got a lot of fuckin styles in my arsenal
Step my money tall, I gotta stand on the bar stool
Shorty so smart she in law school
And her brain so good like she in jaw school
All I talk about is money cause Im getting to it
All I talk about is money cause I speak it fluent
Ridin with the windows up and my music loud
I am sippin codeine and Im using loud
Duffle bag in my trunk with the lights in it
Dip that pussy dry, Imma pour some fuckin Sprite in it