Band Of Annuals - Sharphsooter lyrics

coming swinging through saloon doors
she's smoking
and aiming crosshairs at the hearts
of unsuspecting victims
well how did I get myself into this mess
I'm staring you in the eye
a gun on my side
five more steps and
then we're turning
spare my life

When she's riding into town,
all the banks are closing down (?)
With her face on every tree
She thinks that she's some kind
of God damn celebrity

I turn and face her
I already she her smoking barrel
because she struck me
She shoots a smile
Whoever said that looks couldn't kill
well they were liars

You know she wishes
that she could see me six feet under
Well who's to blame her
A case of kevlar (?)
to keep my heart safe and surrounded
Save my life
Apologize for things that I said
She's seeing red

With a guilty conscience
I'm hanging on to all the silence
Because she's leaving
She slams the car door
and leaves her mark out on the pavement
Then it struck me
I'll apologize for this I guess
I'm making up for the rest