Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town - Just For You lyrics

窓辺で奏でる 分かち会う same フレーズ
Just a little say
終わることを知らない言葉に I feel good
Just a little say
Can you imagine with me
拾い集めた fragment of words
Could you hear that

※さぁ 吹く風に I just for you
戸惑う few time I just for you
語らう ロマンス I just for you
導く happiness I just for you

仕切る闇 写る光の射す方へ
Just a little wait
響く土 潜む足跡に聞く音
Just a little wait
届くはずの soul letter
It's except for me
求め合う その愛を
Please give to me

※ repeat