Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza - Basement lyrics

My eyes see static, I'm blinded by white lights.
scratched into my retinas. It's the sight of death and satan is calling.
Papa I'm coming home and if I die your coming with me.
When I die, I'll take you with me.
There's a pentagram carved in my hand.
I stalk the night from dusk till dawn.
Everything I do, I do for murder. For the sake of killing
98 more deaths and I'll earn my horns. I'm the living shadow and I'll fall on you.
My mask of skin I hide behind, go ahead and try to find me.
I'll be the one soaked in blood. My hands reek of stench from rotting flesh.
It wont be long till your next.
Meet me in the basement, it's my chamber of torture.
They'll never find me, I'll be hiding.
and when I die, I'll take you with me.