Bad Lucc - Humiliate (2015)

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Bad Lucc - Humiliate lyrics

Diamond lane, Bad Lucc I humiliate
My pen flow lines ferocious
Diamond lane, Bad Lucc I humiliate
My pen flow lines ferocious

At the bottom I got them black
East side with them artifacts
Street shit I want all of that
This type of shit will make an hare catch a heart attack
Flying my starter jet
Yeah, shit, wear well like cell as a psycho
Daimilein imperial put a dead on the Eiffel
Rocking with my niggas rap jambler I'm the handler
Stronger than a nigga fighting cancer
Came out doing rounding my new nikes
90 air max with the blue stripes
Going air fresh don't argue I get cast when I'm speaking
Defrozing mini thousand so you wonder why I'm preaching
But standing like a geek in your amp
Turn that base up, fast fly nigga check it how he lace up
I get busy when I'm busting,
Nobody fucking with me and I put that on your mama
Marry skinny bitches husband
Life as seen is nothing but I go to war
Raps and a figure 4, they figure me weak 'cause I'm heavy
I don't look like I rappers what they tell me
'Cause I'm fresher as a series top me buzzing
He went in belly, he went not there
I seen that shit twice, he ain't getting to it but nice
He and meth ain't fight
I got bigger fish to fry, while you studying my fly
Fly nobody's beef, nigga

Diamond lane, Bad Lucc I humiliate
My pen flow lines ferocious
Diamond lane, Bad Lucc I humiliate
My pen flow lines ferocious

16 ounce prime rib with the bone in pause
Sweet potatoes soufflé and a couple of broads
It's bad luck baby
Check like 21 I'm the future
A shot at represado, the jackal lining the future
I'm not the same nigga you are used to
Love the dog pound the same way I love the juce crew
Rough baby raised from a younging
You ain't contocking what a Jordan wants
Straight and I'ma buck it like I'm fucking at fort hunt
Pocket full of new ones
I remember back in the day when me and Rare was going through them
And it's spot like fucking music but I changed baby yeah
It's raps in the world, it's diamond laning till you earl
Or Meryl Streep swirl
Open up the door with an attitude and a zipper green
Why you choose to stand up now, you know, clipper fiends
It's the baddest of the baddest
Amp took in dope and I'm just giving niggas savage
Hard to make a salad when your lettuce low
So you go federal, and you ain't even built for that
That's why me and my niggas stay down with the movement
Without one its nothing
It's all about progression, every time you look we plus one
Bucking through the day like a pit, you better stand back
Me and Ned locked in the stoop, you understand that?
The art of war shit, this some
This is 5 mike when it miss some
Diamond lane, Bad Lucc I humiliate