Bad Catholic Schoolgirls - The Punch In The Stomach Fairy lyrics

AG = Awesome Gorgeous' lyrics
ST = Special T's lyrics

listen to bob barker, have your slut spayed or neutered
you need a lesson in sex? baby i'll be your tutor
but you have to understand i will never be called daddy
i'd rather have a nice cold beer, roll a fuckin fatty
i'm into casual fuckin', fuckin' that's fun
don't ask me what i'm thinking just suck me and we're done
sex is part of my diet ...
like milk and dairy
but i wont stand for kids i'm the punch in the stomach fairy

hand me a preggo i'll unclog 'er with my auger
captain abortion and i'm full of fuckin lager
when it comes to rippin babies out the uterus
i find a drain-snake is pretty fucken useful shit
penny royal tea?
that's my favorite drink
i don't need your vaginal discharge, your cunt already stinks
captain abortion is a fuckin solo act
but the punch in the stomach fairy's got my back
why waste nine months we could use to screw
if you want babies .. special t dont want you

why does god hate me so, set me up with a dirty hoe
but i ain't gonna touch her, cuz i don't got a rubber
fuck a rubber i don't need none of these fancy tricks
i got one method of protection : pull out my dick
i say why not get risky, when baby's getting frisky
i'm the punch in the stomach fairy, dont you fuckin diss me
just sayin, you don't want another five pounds of issue
i'm not that desperate i'll just use a fuckin tissue
on the other hand, if i knock her up, that wouldnt really scare me
solve the problem with violence, i'm the punch in the stomach fairy

was the punch in the stomach fairy late this year?
yeah yeah we fuckin heard that already, get me a beer
i dont need no coathangers, draino, boots etcetera
my motherfuckin fists are my only damn weapons, ya
think i'm talkin shit but you know that i'm the best
i don't give a fuck wether or not you're impressed
punch out the babies and pull back the crest
before you miscarry let me drink from your breasts

well i was late one time, (uh huh?) slept through my clock
the night before i had my sister bouncin up on my cock
see she tired me out, but not anymore
she got one in the oven, i better discepline the whore
bitch i don't love you, where'd you get that idea?
get the fuck out my house, and don't forget your chlamydia
i don't got nothin for ya bitch but a plunger, get lost
your lucky you got a sweet ass, or you would've been tossed
on the floor, or if you're lucky just out the door
baby come and see me if you want some more
punch in the stomach fairy leavin' you sore
got preggos lined up at my door like bums at a liquor store
killin fuckin babies is what we like to do
dippin my noodle in some preggo ragu
i got the fuckin special sauce
but if you think its goin in your uterus - get tossed