Bad Blood - Ingrained lyrics

With All I Know And All I've Seen, This Is The Best For Me, Everyday In Every Fucking Way, With This I'm Always Free, But Where Are The Values Of Days Gone By? Ignored And Left To Die, To Our Brothers For What's Been Built, Bring This Shit Back Fucking To Life

I've Got Your Back, In These Hard Times, We Will Fight Back, Against These Fucking Crimes

With All My Strength And All My Weight, I've Backed This All The Way, I've Seen Them Come And Seen Them Good, But I Am Here To Stay, Straight Up, Don't Forget The Facts, I'll Never Walk Away, Life Is Tough We All Get Down, But Nothing Will Stand In Our Way,

Together We'll Break Though All Of This, We've Come So Far, Together We Take Control Of This, Ingrained To Who We Are