Baba Brinkman - Hypnotize lyrics

Sicker than your average; picture
Any artistic practice, with musicians or actors
Or visual craftsman; just pick an example
And imagine the competitive advantages
That would come with recognition if you have the gift
Now picture the artist with unlimited cash, and with
Picturesque women always givin' him glances
Or, if you're picturing a woman, then picture the advances
Of the handsome prince whose attention she catches
Now, picture them livin' happily ever after
And havin' kids faster than Angie and Brad Pitt
All because they have this gift with craftsmanship
Now take it from the master of the adjectives
I think it's adaptive; it has to be instinct
In synch with the rhythm, just listen and sink
Deep into the subconscious of the obnoxious
Sexual selection, I'm just tickin' the boxes
And if you're feelin' it then mission accomplished

Baba, Baba, Baba, can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your turns of phrase
So even though you're still broke I love you anyway

Yeah, I could fill you with real scientific
Lyrics, but I confess that my mind is twisted
'Cause I've been listenin' to Kanye, Nas and Jay
While reading Richard Dawkins on the opposite page
So now this whole rap thing seems awfully strange
Talkin' 'bout, "He got game, and he's not real
And he's got chains" but wait, that's a peacock's tail!
'Cause you never hear them say they got it cheap on sale
Which means that bling is meant to represent
How much they really spent, and at the end of the day
That's the definition of a "fitness display"
Like a bowerbird's nest, which takes hours of work
And makes the females catch a powerful urge
Just like a style of verse or an amazing flow
But it takes dedication and it takes a toll
'Cause the best displays are unfakeable