BRANES - Veronica Lunch Box lyrics

Kill your idols, suck them dry
Protest cycle, ......
over the shoulder poltergeist
Lets retract and resupply
So much incentive
Shaping my metal hand
So many times
So many times
Wait....your breaking up
cant hear your voice
I'm waiting up to start-up noise

She had long dark hair
that small skin completely destroyed me

In the back under my skin
Theres a back-tea-real filth
To the water under my body
lies the holy dream
When you go down all the way down
theres a muddy real sludge
in the system water is worthless
here it has its place

so many times
so many times

Inside much disintegrating
dumb remote, would be reciprocating

(incoherent yelping) the winter.
(incoherent yelping)
Caught one handed.
Sticky days in the summer home.
(incoherent yelping)