BJ The Chicago Kid - Real Love Never Dies (2014)

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BJ The Chicago Kid - Real Love Never Dies lyrics

And we're rollin'
BJ The Chicago Kid, Real Love Never Die demo

[Verse 1]
You can talk all your shit bout you and him
But girl ain't know that you ain't been with him
Cuz baby my love for you never dies
You can act all you want, but it's certain it's war(?)
So you gon' be sure that my love is now torn
Let's bring back love, ?
And over heart just keep beatin' (beatin', beatin', beatin')
With a bandaid over it beatin' (beatin', beatin', beatin')
My heart, baby, babe beats for you
I found the doubts, yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 2]
Girl I remember the day I saw you (I knew I wanted to have you)
And I had this feeling that this thing would be more than just (one night, forever)
I never thought I'd be so alone, your love and I ain't got it, emblematic
Now I don't know what to do cuz I neva had this ?
So ?
Ain't got much time left just to round and go round and shake the clouds
People dying, we still lose, earth is dying, mothers crying
What are we to chose, we just keep on living
All this turn wrong, we just keep running away