B.o.B - Wrong (feat. Spodee) (Epic: Every Play Is Crucial Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook: B.o.B.]
, If you think that I’m out cold
, If you think that I’ll run
, If you think that...

B.o.B - Wrong (feat. Spodee) (Epic: Every Play Is Crucial Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook: B.o.B.]
ZH: [钩: 鲍勃]

EN: If you think that I’m out cold
ZH: 如果你觉得我出冷

EN: If you think that I’ll run
ZH: 如果你认为我会跑

EN: If you think that it’s over
ZH: 如果你认为它是结束

EN: You couldn’t be more wrong (couldn’t be more wrong)
ZH: 你不能错了 (不是更错了)

EN: If you think that it’s done
ZH: 如果你认为它做

EN: If you think that you won
ZH: 如果你觉得你赢了

EN: If you think that it’s over
ZH: 如果你认为它是结束

EN: You couldn’t be more wrong
ZH: 你不能错了

EN: [Verse 1: B.o.B.]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 鲍勃]

EN: I think it’s funny that they think they got us all beat and defeated
ZH: 我觉得很好笑他们认为他们让我们都打和被击败

EN: I swear they must be dreaming ‘cuz they think that we’re retreating
ZH: 我发誓他们在做梦因为他们认为我们正在撤退

EN: Yeah, they be the type, constantly in search for beefing
ZH: 是的他们会不断地中横遭搜索的类型

EN: ‘Till they see it, then that ass become a vegan
ZH: 直到他们看到了,然后你的屁股成为素食主义者

EN: That’s why on this beat it’s no doubt
ZH: 那为什么在这上打败了毫不怀疑

EN: Yall already know I’m ’bout my flow, muthaf-ckas say I sold out?
ZH: 馀已经知道我是 ' 怎么样我的流,世上 ckas 说我出卖了吗?

EN: Must be talking about my shows
ZH: 必须谈论我的显示

EN: Matter of fact, anytime that you finna reach for a dream or a goal or for anything
ZH: 事实上,随时将由那你我达成的梦想或目标或任何东西

EN: You will have many enemies, look at Jesus and Martin and Lincoln and Kennedy
ZH: 你将会有很多敌人,看看耶稣和马丁和林肯和肯尼迪

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2: B.o.B.]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 鲍勃]

EN: Yeah, impostors hate the truth because you tell it
ZH: 是的骗子讨厌真相,因为你告诉它

EN: So I know when they around, they so jealous, I can smell it
ZH: 所以我知道什么时候他们在附近,他们如此嫉妒,我可以闻到它

EN: The haters always die, the prestigious never perish
ZH: 讨厌的人总是死的有声望的永远不会死

EN: So I’ll be never buried
ZH: 所以我会永远不葬

EN: That’s why I’m never threatened by these little boys with big toys
ZH: 这就是为什么由这些小男孩与大玩具问题从未威胁

EN: They can’t aim, it’s piss poor, what you holding the clip for?
ZH: 他们不能瞄准,它已差,什么你惹毛控股为剪辑呢?

EN: Put the gun down, get a clipboard
ZH: 把枪放下,获取剪贴板

EN: So tell them haters that they better pipe down,
ZH: 所以告诉他们他们更好地管下来的仇恨

EN: We bring Hell like a red man with a black beard and a pitchfork
ZH: 我们像个红有黑胡子男人带来地狱和干草叉

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3: Spodee]
ZH: [诗歌 3: Spodee]

EN: Uh, you totally incorrect if you thought that it was some pressure
ZH: 呃,你完全不正确如果你觉得它很有些压力

EN: With each endeavor I treasure raises my level of pleasure
ZH: 着我珍惜每个努力引起了我的快乐的水平

EN: I’m flabbergasted by fellas, really think that they can see me
ZH: 我震惊的伙计们,真的觉得他们能看到我

EN: I’m saving my special specimens specifically for T.V
ZH: 我在拯救我特别标本专为电视

EN: Ohhh, what ’till they see me out with a case so straight make a fake hoe hate
ZH: 哦,什么直到他们看到我与一案太直让恨假锄

EN: Me and Bobby Ray like this, okay, man a plastic surgeon can’t fix her face
ZH: 我和鲍比 · 雷这样,好的男人是整形外科医生不能修复她的脸

EN: All these rap niggas shit so gay, and I’ma keep pimping until that bitch locate
ZH: 所有这些说唱黑鬼所以男同性恋和我要保持拉皮条直到那个婊子定位

EN: My foot in the ass of a prick okay, say you harder than Grand Hustle, bitch, no way
ZH: 我的脚的屁股的刺好了,说你比大呼,臭婊子,没有办法

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]