B.o.B - No Future lyrics (Chinese translation). | Yeah, yeh, uhm, hey, I eat it like dinner
, You see this shit I gotta deal with from these...
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B.o.B - No Future (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Yeah, yeh, uhm, hey, I eat it like dinner
ZH: 是的爷,嗯,嘿,我吃了它像晚餐

EN: You see this shit I gotta deal with from these beginners?
ZH: 你看看我得从这些初学者处理这个东西吗?

EN: I ain’t circusin’ around with these clown ass n-ggas
ZH: 我不是 circusin' 周围与这些小丑的屁股 n-藤黄总酸

EN: You snappin’ at the heels of a world class sprinter
ZH: 你要吃世界类短跑的高跟鞋

EN: Some may call this bullyin’, some may call this bossin’
ZH: 一些可能叫这 bullyin',有些可能叫这 bossin'

EN: Check the letter, man, you know I’m all city varsity
ZH: 检查这封信,男人,你知道我所有城市校队

EN: Walk up on my field, you will get carried off it
ZH: 走了对我的领域,你将获得进行关闭它

EN: We gon’ need a body bag and we gon’ need a coffin
ZH: 我们尼泊尔政府 '需要一个身体包和我们尼泊尔政府' 需要一个棺材

EN: Who am I battling? I ain’t even exhausted
ZH: 我谁作战?我甚至不会用尽

EN: You can call me sick, you can even call me nauseous
ZH: 你可以叫我病了,你甚至可以叫我恶心

EN: A sea of great whites, you are a dolphin
ZH: 海的伟大的白人,你是一只海豚

EN: If I was you, I would be a little more cautious
ZH: 如果我是你,我会更多一点谨慎

EN: I’m way too high for you to look at
ZH: 我是太高,你看看

EN: The future ain’t lookin’ promising for these rookies
ZH: 未来不是找有前途这些新手

EN: This is target practice but I don’t even pull the f-cking trigger anymore
ZH: 这是目标的做法,但我不连扳机 f 华君再也

EN: Cause it’s just a waste of bullets
ZH: 它只是在浪费子弹的原因

EN: Come and get these p-ssy’s, wipe them off the floor
ZH: 来获取这些 p 啬,他们擦地板

EN: I’m guessing they was hoping for some different results
ZH: 我猜他们希望为一些不同的结果

EN: I’m guessing they was guessing cause they wasn’t really sure
ZH: 我猜他们因为他们不是真的

EN: But f-ck it, I guess I’ma have to let these n-ggas know
ZH: F-ck 但它,我想我必须要让藤黄总这些 n-酸知道

EN: So I think it’s time for these haters to get off my dick
ZH: 所以我觉得是时候让这些仇恨让我的老二

EN: Got my own city, you can call it Bobtropolis
ZH: 有我自己的城市,你可以叫它 Bobtropolis

EN: Eastside representer, reppin’ with authority
ZH: 东边申述,reppin' 与权力机构

EN: And I ain’t talking congressmen and I ain’t talking politics
ZH: 我不想说话的国会议员和我不谈政治

EN: Lookin’ for freaks, freaks lookin’ for sausages
ZH: 想找的怪胎,畸形人找香肠

EN: But we already know that, so that is all to get
ZH: 但我们已经知道,所以这是所有要

EN: Check the name tag, you know who the roster is
ZH: 请检查该名称标记,你知道名册是谁

EN: ATL brand, Hustle H.A.M squad in this bitch
ZH: ATL 的品牌,在这个婊子呼 H.A.M 队

EN: Like I ain’t never had a mic
ZH: 就像我从来 mic

EN: Fresh to death, I see you in the afterlife
ZH: 新鲜到死,我看到你在阴间

EN: I eat bars, eat beasts for my appetite
ZH: 我吃酒吧,为我的食欲吃的野兽

EN: You wouldn’t know about that, you never had a bite
ZH: 你不会知道你从来没有咬一口

EN: What I gotta do to get some solidarity?
ZH: 我要做得一些团结吗?

EN: Apparently, I need to speak with some more clarity
ZH: 很显然,我需要跟一些更清晰

EN: No luck needed, know no charity
ZH: 运气不好需要知道没有慈善

EN: And I’mma grown man, don’t need p-ssy to take care of me
ZH: 我来大男人,也不需要 p-啬要照顾我

EN: B to the O, I said it once befo’
ZH: O 到 B,我说这一次 befo'

EN: If I ain’t on your channel, go and look for the remote
ZH: 如果我不在您的通道上,去和寻找遥控器

EN: Already graduated, yeah, you see the cap n robe
ZH: 已经毕业的是的你看到章 n 长袍

EN: But now you couldn’t see me ‘less you had a telescope
ZH: 但现在你不能看到我 ' 少你有一台望远镜

EN: I’m Bedrock bumpin’, three strikes sumpin
ZH: 我是一路,三个罢工 sumpin 的基石

EN: Call me Jack o’ Lantern, I get head like pumpkins
ZH: 叫我杰克 o' 灯笼就像南瓜头

EN: It’s nothin’, roll up the stuffin’
ZH: 它是什么上了东西 ∮, 卷

EN: Put it in the oven, gettin baked like muffins
ZH: 把它放进烤箱,越来越像松饼烤

EN: If you ain’t know, I guess I have to introduce ya
ZH: 如果您不知道,我想我要介绍震遐

EN: To my side of town, somethin’ you ain’t really used to
ZH: 到我这边的小镇,东西你不是真的用来

EN: Body blow, uppercut, I do more than brusin’
ZH: 身体吹、 上勾拳,我做更多比 brusin'

EN: Keep f-cking with me and you ain’t gon’ have no future
ZH: F 华君跟我和你不是尼泊尔政府 ' 不会有未来