B.o.B - New York, New York (Epic: Every Play Is Crucial Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1]
, This is the finish my friend, this is the end
, It's a revolution, it's a civilian...

B.o.B - New York, New York (Epic: Every Play Is Crucial Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: This is the finish my friend, this is the end
ZH: 这是完成我的朋友,这是结束

EN: It's a revolution, it's a civilian revenge
ZH: 它是一场革命,它是平民的报复

EN: There's no need to move or adjust your television
ZH: 无需移动或调整你的电视

EN: Whenever an era dies, another era begins
ZH: 每当一个时代死了,另一个时代开始

EN: These American fights, these American wars
ZH: 这些美国的战斗,这些美国的战争

EN: These American stripes, these American stars,
ZH: 这些美国的条纹,这些美国的明星

EN: But these American cages have American bars
ZH: 但这些笼子是美国有美国的酒吧

EN: We hunger for truth, so we headed for ya'll
ZH: 我们渴望真理,所以我们朝向为大家好

EN: Towers are crumbling, bridges are falling
ZH: 塔正在崩溃、 桥梁正在下降

EN: Limits are fading, but normal is boring
ZH: 限制是消失,但正常是无聊

EN: Looking at time move, aggressively forward
ZH: 看着时间向前,积极

EN: Looking at days just, just vanish before me
ZH: 只看着天,只是在我面前消失

EN: You wanted the Benz, but you couldn't afford it
ZH: 你想要奔驰,但你买不起

EN: Now you would kill to put your foot in a Taurus
ZH: 现在你会杀了,把脚放在金牛座

EN: It's a different madness, they would never abandon us
ZH: 它是不同的疯狂,他们永远不会放弃我们

EN: But this is a crisis, prepare for disaster
ZH: 但这是一场危机,为灾难做好准备

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Start spreading the news (start, start, start, start spreading the news)
ZH: 开始散播消息启动、 启动传播新闻开始开始)

EN: I'm leaving today (and I'm gone, and I'm gone, and I'm gone just like that )
ZH: 我今天要离开 (和我走了,和我走,和我只是走了像那样)

EN: I want to be a part of it (be, be, be, be, yea)
ZH: 我想要它 (是,是,是,是,是) 的一部分

EN: New York, New York, New York
ZH: 纽约,纽约,纽约

EN: Breaker breaker nine breaker breaker one nine
ZH: 断路器断路器九断路器断路器一九

EN: Could you please get an operator on the phone line
ZH: 能请你帮一个运算符电话线路上吗

EN: This is not a riot, it's way much more than that
ZH: 这不是一场暴动,它是方式远不止于此

EN: These people are dying, we are under attack
ZH: 这些人都快死了,我们遭到袭击

EN: Wait, let me call you back, let me get my strap
ZH: 等,让我给你回电话,让我把我的表带

EN: (cause) We ain't taking shit, so therefore we're fighting back
ZH: (原因)我们不带屎,因此我们的反击

EN: We ain't waiting on the line for a 9-1-1-9-9 whatever man,
ZH: 任何人,我们不会在行上为 9-1-1-9-9 等着

EN: I ain't got time for all this nonsense
ZH: 我没时间为所有这一派胡言

EN: Enemy responses, ain't a dial tone in our home on that continent
ZH: 敌人反应,不是我们家在非洲大陆上的拨号音

EN: Got me in these bandages, this jungle that's up under me
ZH: 让我在这些绷带,正在我这个丛林

EN: Man I swear they sleeping in your conscience, so they slumbering
ZH: 老兄,我发誓他们睡在你的良心,所以他们沉睡

EN: So we break the peace to get a piece of what we wanted yea
ZH: 所以我们打破和平要一块我们想要的是的

EN: Act like we new to this, not think I'm rummaging
ZH: 像我们新到这,不觉得我翻

EN: Let them know we run this shit
ZH: 让他们知道我们运行这个狗屎

EN: And let them know just how you feel the way your country is
ZH: 让他们知道你的感受方式和你的国家是

EN: Now look how beautiful destruction is, bloah
ZH: 现在看起来多么美丽的破坏是,bloah

EN: Start spreading the news (start spreading the news)
ZH: 开始蔓延 (开始传播新闻) 新闻

EN: I'm leaving today (I'm leaving, I'm leaving yea)
ZH: 我今天要离开 (我走了,我就要是)

EN: I want to be a part of it (be a part of New York)
ZH: 我想要它的一部分 (是纽约的一部分)

EN: New York, New York, (New York) New York
ZH: 纽约,纽约,纽约 (纽约)